Missing Child-table "Add row" button after workflow transition

Hi all,

Encountered missing child-table “Add row” button after changing workflow state.

The workflow state : Draft - Pending - Approved
In Pending state, user can Reject or Approve it. Reject will bring the state back to Draft. And no user can edit the document while in Pending state.

“Add row” button missing after reject Pending state (so back to Draft).
But if user refresh the page, button showing again.

Anyone encountered same problem ?

Frappe 12.2.1
ERPNext 12.4.3


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I am having a similar kind of issue. It happens sometimes randomly that the “Add Row” button does not appear in the “Sales Order” and “Material Request” forms. I couldn’t figure out a specific scenario. It happens randomly.

Did you find any solution?

Unfortunately no.
Refresh browser will show the “Add Row” button back but your changes will be gone

The refreshing browser also working for me but in that case, data changes are getting lost and that thing bring me here to find out a solution for it.

Hi @pioneerpathan,
have you find any solution ?

No @SubhajitDey. The issue still persists. There is an observation, it occurs when the server responds slow or has high user traffic.

Thanks for the info.