Missing Features

Hi all,
I’ve been looking at ERPNext and some fundamental ERP features are missing.

  1. Can’t setup sales BOM. Production BOMs are fine but sales BOM.
  2. Setting up Layby orders or as they referred to in US as Layaway orders.
  3. Setting up contracts for monthly subscriptions of products.

I’m certain these are missing or if someone can tell me if I’ve missing something.

Sales BOM is Product Bundle

You can setup recurring orders, invoices (see recurring section)

What do you mean by layby order?

Thank you, I’ll have a look at those features.
By Layby I mean payment plan for an order. i.e Customer orders something for $2,000 and will pay it over 4 or 6 months. You setup payment plan of $500 or $333.33 and when all payments have been made order can be released.

Also for recurring invoices. You can’t setup a contract with customer can you. i.e. Book subscription, setup multiple contract types i.e. History books 12 books over 12 months. Each book would have it’s own material code.
Then every month the recurring invoice will generate an invoice with next book on the list which will be sent to the customer.

@iadr3805 don’t see those out of the box yet.

Converting recurring documents in a proper contract was discussed from time to time to generalize support subscriptions, maintenance schedules etc. What is the current state in 7.1?

Its on the priority list, but have not been much movement. Maybe you can drive some :slight_smile:

at least I added the use cases to the Issue