Missing functionality in Leave Application in Version 4.0

Hi Team,

We have performed a test migration from CGI version to version 4.0 and noticed that the following functionalities those were existed in CGI version is now missing from version 4.0.

  • In version 3.0, it displays the actual name of the leave approver on leave application page and not their email id. It is much user friendly to see leave approver’s name rather their email address (user id).
  • In version 3.0, when an employee add a leave application, the leave approver was automatically selected based on reports_to_user_id field (custom field) of employee record. On the client side we have a script that fetch this data using cur_frm.add_fetch(“employee”,“reports_to_user_id”,“leave_approver”). But it doesn’t work.
    We had spent a lot of time making those enhancement in version 3 but it seems that for some reason these are not implemented/working in version 4.0.

Please help to resolve above two issues. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Mayur Patel


v4 development is officially closed, but we can fix this for you. Please send a support ticket!

Thanks Rushabh. I will send a support ticket for this via email. We are still on CGI version. We are working on migrating from CGI version to version 4.0 but we have found a lot issues so far and don’t think that we will be ready in time for the upgrade. I am aware that your team is working on version 5.0. Do you think we should wait till version 5.0 is out and migrate to it or should we migrate to version 4.0 now and then later on migrate to version 5.0? Thanks.

Kind regards,
Mayur Patel

It’s upto you, but we are working on a major UI upgrade in version 5. Expected timeline is around end of January.