Missing General Ledger Report

Hi Experts,

Need help on the general ledger report. I was trying to create a new custom report based on general ledger. I’m not quite sure what happened, as I’m pretty sure I created a new report and not modifying the existing one, but when I deleted my custom report, I could not get my general ledger reporting anymore. It will just be there empty, even after I remove filter etc. All the transaction in the journal entry are still there and not deleted. I can create custom report based on GL doc type with the data.

This is done in the account hosted in erpnext website.

Is there anyway I can get my standard general ledger report back ? I tried reload refresh re log-in and they are not there…

Thank you for any help offered…


@leonard77 not likely that your standard GL report is lost, maybe you changed the permissions on Account?


This is what I get

I can’t find any report called general ledger in the report list, and if I try to go to the general ledger report page by typing in the search column directly I get sorry you are not permitted to view this page.

How do I go about checking the permission on Account ? This is hosted in erpnext website.

Thank you for your help.


Can you share your account id? I can check your db if you want.

My account id : leonard77@yahoo.com

Fixed in your account, I think by mistake you had deleted “Report” record. I will push a validation, so that system will not allow to delete the “Standard” report other than Administrator.


Thanks Nabin. It is showing the standard GL report correctly now.

Hello nabinhait, I also did same sort of mistake i was also working on Standard Sales Register , I did customization and saved it but i got deleted . I want the standard report “Sales Register” Please can u help?

and Purchase Register Report is also not standard now , Please help me i need to fix these two standard reports Thanks