Missing GL entries for Stock Entry

i face a weird issue in Version 10.

for some stock entries it’s missing it’s GL entries.

and Stock Entry is taking unusual time after upgrade. some times it’s showing (Request Timed Out) Error Message.

anyone else face this issue? i open a GitHub issue for the above challenges with all details.

Hi @adnan

I have checked in local account and it’s working properly. Can you please check perpetual inventory is enabled in the company master, also check account is set in the respective warehouse or default inventory account in the company master

Hi Rohit,

Thanks for your reply. yes everything is setup and was working fine at Version 8.

it’s happening only with 1 or two Stock entries randomly every day. to fix it, we have to cancel this stock entry and submit again. then it’s generating GL entries.

but it’s not easy to submit and check GL for every SE.

is there a way we can generate a GL entry if it’s missing with a script or button?.


anyone else faced this issue?

and is there any patch which we can use to regenerate missing entries in GL.


I am getting same issue in v12.
Is there any easy solution for the same?