Missing icon on develop branch

Hi all,

i’m testing develop version aka version 7. After first setup complete (http://IP/desk#setup-wizard) i get:

desktop icon {u’module_name’: u’Sales Invoice’, u’standard’: 1} not found.

How can i fix?


@JoEz thanks for reporting. will check this. which domain did you select?

@rmehta not sure what u mean, btw on configuration i selected Retail

@rmehta …update to the last version …still facing the issue …

@rmehta Hi there, the problem seems rises up setting up in italian language, i completed successfully in english.

@Paulo_Cesar_Coronado, @JoEz thanks, will try and replicate!

I hope you are using the master branch for deploy though.

@rmehta actually we’re evaluating ERPNext to use on one client with 14 physical stores in retail food market. Up to now, in order to Sync with their legacy system, seems we need some more features like:

  • Price history changes
  • Multi barcode per ITEM
  • 1 Item in ERPNext to many items relation in their system while sync
  • Mark Item active per Warehouse
  • Promotional Plans per Warehouse and/or Price List

Actually i think all can be surely done, i “only need” to find out how to do :slight_smile:

Any plan to add this features or any idea how much would cost?

I had a look at italian translation, some of them are verified but wrong …i can’t change because i’ve not enough karma :sweat_smile: …how can i gain? :joy: