Missing names from GUI cards on front page

I have a new setup in which everything works perfectly, except the cards on the front page GUI seems to be missing their names. If I click the Show / Hide Cards, then the missing ones are given as “Undefined”.

Here is a screenshot section of how it looks for me.

I searched quite a bit, but perhaps I’m not hitting the correct words in the searcher here, it keeps trying to explain me how to solve naming series problems or what is the meaning of the names.

Any assistance to fix this appreciated - thanks.

Just to add - this is the Show / Hide screen:

It’s especially weird how some work and some don’t, seeming almost like a per-item problem, perhaps permissions or such, but I’m clueless.

Hi @Cuz

What you have installed is the develop version of erpnext … i.e version 12.x.x - this is unstable most of the time because its been in development phase…

Assuming you wanna try ERPNext - install production version i.e 11.x.x or migrate from 12 to 11 for learning and trying out ERPNext… you can use below commands to migrate from 12 to 11 as you have already installed it…

bench setup production
bench setup supervisor
bench restart

or use the below instructions to install the version 11…

thank you

Nope, you’re right, it’s master branch ERPNext, but somehow got it on dev version of Frappe.

I’ll fix it now - thanks.

@Cuz can you please help me out how to resolve same issue