Missing pages in Agriculture module, ERPNext version

I’m trying out the agriculture module.
The Workspace for it is there, but for every doctype shortlinked on it (except Location, which I can set), there is only an error like this one:

#### Not found

Page crop not found
The resource you are looking for is not available

This also seems to be wrong:
ERPNext: v14.x.x-develop () (develop)”
(from the Help > About menu), while
apps.json tells:

“version”: “16.0.0-dev”

What’s going on?

  • Is “agriculture” on github an obsolete, untested or overlooked repo? (didn’t find it on marketplace)
  • What about the wrong version of ERPNext as indicated by the Help About menu? Is there somehow a hidden secret I didn’t apply?

erpnext is very current:

~/frappe/dev-bench/apps/erpnext$ git log
commit 27aba02d163e57296cadbc733b5d4747ebf7e8e1 (grafted, HEAD -> develop, upstream/develop, upstream/HEAD)
Author: Shariq Ansari <30859809+shariquerik@users.noreply.github.com>
Date:   Mon Dec 4 19:20:29 2023 +0530

    Merge pull request #38562 from shariquerik/existing-customer-issue-in-lead

The 'develop' branch of ERPNext is currently V16.

Unsure why your About is displaying something different.

I’m not familiar with the Agriculture module. However, from what I’m seeing in ERPNext GitHub, it was removed from the core sometime between V14 and V15. This was probably intentional, as part of the de-monolith efforts that were happening during that time.

If you want to continue using Agriculture, you’ll have to install it as a separate App: GitHub - frappe/agriculture: Agriculture Domain for ERPNext

I’m not sure if my installing agriculture app together with a bench (e.g. frappe app), erpnext, insights, and one or two others, qualifies as “as a separate app”. Separate or independent from what, and why really?
For a start, I wanted to try it out “just” with some gardening tests, so that’s not exactly an enterprise setup, but if any enterprise wanted to use it for agriculture purposes, using also erpnext, crm, etc., this non-separateness from erpnext might be a standard use case, won’t it?
So the separation might have been caused by issues of dev-team-size related managability more than a use-case-need to separate it from the rest of the monolith, and it should be possible to reintegrate it with it’s brother-and-sister-apps descending from the integrated bliss of it’s former oneness.
So this might exactly be what happens once the needed dev-avangarde growing from the fields of the use case start working on it.

I also wonder if the installation on one machine really is the best of ideas. Agriculture is directly dependent on nature, and on it nourishes our own nature.
So maybe one would like to have a non-internet-djungle-connected computer for managing one’s so-called analog-life’s life-stock.

The results could still be integrated via APIs, or maybe indeed with a one-way USB-Stick integration-path, even via IPoAC

if need (or pressure) be in remote areas who must or want to pay tribute due to faraway society integration organisms. (See also RFC 1149 and RFC 2549.)

Anyway, I’m not the first to run into the issue:

The separate repo also herited some issues predating it’s independence, ex.: see the relevant note here:

And someone already posted a hint for solving the issue I immediately ran into:

So it’s just waiting for helpful minds and arms ploughing through the technical and organizational issues.

#Thank you for reminding me to integrate more via
for fun in 1 to many