Missing Pages in HR / Additional Salary

According to the documentation, there should be more options under HR than what I’m seeing. Specifically, here is one such example:

In those docs, it refers to:
Human resources > Payroll > Additional Salary > New Additional Salary

Under Payroll on my ERPNext installation, I see only Salary Slip, Payroll Entry, Salary Structure and Salary Components.

I am using the very latest version (fba985d, did a bench update 10 minutes ago). I am also a System Administrator and all options that I can find are turned on.

Where are the missing options?

Thanks for the help,

These features are available in version 11, which is coming very soon.

I read in one of the forums where update info was provided about this that the hosted edition will be migrated to v11 on a user-case. So, if the online edition will be migrated, it makes sense that the documents are updated at this point too.

To understand more, please visit here https://www.youtube.com/c/erpnext for videos of v11 features.

Hope this helps.

Great, thanks for the update. It would make sense if the documentation was tagged with the version that it applied to. Is that a plan for the future?

You are right @ChipwizBen.

Your choice of words seems to give you away as an expert in document management systems. The community could benefit from your skills set sir.