Missing save button at appointment

In earlier versions, Patient Appointment booking used the “Check Availability” button to book and save the appointment.

Also, recommend you to update to version-13, which has been refactored recently. It now has the check availability option as the primary action which goes with the standard UX.


I am hosting a test site for a potential customer to give them a feel of ERPNext Healthcare. I was thinking to go with version-13 but is it production ready if they like it ?

@rucha_mahabal @akurungadam Sorry for tagging but needed your suggestions/comments on this.

cool, I think you should be starting with v13 beta release. Also, if you have any feature requests or face any issues please create an issue on Github

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Yes, I agree with @akurungadam. We also have a roadmap for v13 so all the new features will go into v13 only.

Thank you guys for the suggestions. I will go ahead with version-13 for demo and production if it works out. I will keep you guys posted on the features required and bugs via appropriate channels.