Missing semicolon unrecoverable syntax error

I update from V11 to V12 and the variant item could not show the item attributes in web page.
And here is the waring showed in item doctype:

I checked the V11 page the content is same but no warning and show item attribute smoothly in web page.
Here is the about masseage of the updated version

Wish to get help to fix the problem with thanks

Just want to know: everyone run v12 webstationthe and show items has variants smotthly same as in V11?
Why only me has such problem?
The attibutes could not show in web site!
This is the item has variants
This is the normal item without variant

I think this is a bug in V12

I have fixed the warning of the Missing semicolon unrecoverable syntax error just add" "
but the problem still exist in web page: variant items could not show the attributes selection section also the cart section.

What reason caused such problem?

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