Missing taxes payment

Payment entry is a powerful tool, we can handle almost every transaction of the company using it, but it misses the payment of taxes.
I’ve been reading this post and looks like they found a workaround for this problem.

GL Payments in Accounts > Payment Entry

In ERPNext we already have taxes and charges templates but it doesn’t seen connected to payment module. The tax simply doesn’t move forward to the next step, which is payment.

Make the government as a supplier doesn’t make sense in our case and create a journal entry creates opportunity for human error.

There are plans to connect the taxes and payments? Or these has been handled by community?


In Mexico, sales VAT becomes payable once the invoice is paid by the customer.

I guess that the right way to handle it in ERPNext would be the following:
Create 2 “liability” VAT accounts:
1.- "VAT which has been invoiced by customer "
2 .- “VAT which has been paid by customer”

The first account would be credited with the creation of the Sales Invoice (This can already be done through the “taxes” table).

When the Payment Entry is performed the tax amount should be trasferred from account 1 to account 2 (in addition to the entries related to the payment: bank/cash and customer).

¿Dos anyone know if this can be done?

Hi, Did you find a solution for this? I’m running Mexican Company also