Mistake Found in POS Invoice Validation Logic

Hello community,

I recently discovered a mistake in the validation logic used in the POS Invoice.

It appears that this logic assumes the presence of fields called ‘has_serial_no’ and ‘has_batch_no’ in the POS Invoice items, which might not be accurate. Upon further investigation, it seems that the items in the POS Invoice do not have fields named ‘has_serial_no’ or ‘has_batch_no’. Therefore, this validation logic may not be applicable or may need to be adjusted accordingly.

I would appreciate any insights or corrections regarding this matter. Thank you for your assistance.

Hi @gopikrishnan

These are conditional statements that will only get triggered ‘if’ the item indeed has serial or batch numbers so it’s fine. If you are encountering any issue with using the feature please describe same but if you’re just exploring the code then I think everything is as it should be


Yeah, I understand your point. Thanks for clarifying!

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