Mistake with Stock Entry

Good Day!

Is there a way that we can edit/cancel the stock entry that was submitted? Because we have entered a wrong stock qty and now we can’t adjust it to its original count. If there’s a way to undo this please help.

Really hope that you can help us with this ASAP. Please we really need to undo this mistake.

Thank you in advance!!

You can Cancel or Edit Submitted Stock Entry.For that
First check you have permission to cancel it or Amend it.

@shraddha Thank you for replying and sorry for the late reply. We tried doing that but there was items that was already encoded at delivery note. So ERPNext doesn’t let us cancel it. Anyways to fix this? :frowning:
Thank you in advance.

You need to cancel the documents that rely on the stock entry before you can delete the stock entry. In this case, you need to cancel the delivery note first, then you can cancel the stock entry.

Is there no way I can delete it by just disabling it or making a module for defective items that will make the item encoded so that the stock entry items will get diminished? Please help us.

Thank you

I don’t believe you can delete it, but you should be able to just make a new stock entry that corrects the issues, dated to the same day?

Can’t I make a module that has a custom script that will diminish the item encoded in it? Just like the delivery note?

I don’t believe so. Once it has been submitted there is no real way to go back on it. You probably could create a module that automatically searched through and cancelled any dependent documents (like the delivery note), then amended them, but that would be fairly complicated. You probably would need to do it server side, and search through to find any documents that reference that document, then repeat this process recursively until it’s found all the documents that need to be cancelled. After that, they need to be amended and re-submitted in order. Not an easy task…

Theoretically you might be able to update the sql database manually, but I think that would be very dangerous unless you are an expert. There could be significant unintended consequences.

I suggest you cancel and amend all the associated documents manually, including the delivery note and stock entry.