Mobile App for Erpnext V13

It returns an SSL error if trying to connect to an IP.

Pls release code as per GPL,…

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@njbhatt18 good job …buddy when can we expect next update… its somewhat bugs at times and not all form fields are working as in desktop verison…

Where you want to integrate location features?

So I’m guessing you are not releasing the source code for the apps?

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no they are not…i think frappe should take action

@njbhatt18 any chance to make it work for ERPNext v14? Thank you

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Hi there;
I need two information about this app. First of all by which you are building this application whether it is frappe or any other framework?. Second one, From this app are we able to create custom app and change modification?.


@Monolithon We have added support for ERPNext 14 in a new version. Please update or reinstall app


iOS: ‎Swaat ERP on the App Store


i tried but only see projects and calandar

Frappe Mobile seems to be released under MIT License. Am I missing something here?

CC: @rioshaz @woakes070048

Wow this is really good, and I think this is what Erpnext is missing compared to the competitor (Odo*).


  • I’ve tried the basic module in ERPNext 14 (CRM) to add leads and it’s working fine (in seconds it is in sync with the web database)
  • What didn’t work was that I couldn’t see my Custom Workspace in the sidebar
  • I think you should go for Frappe Incubator Program, I’ll be willing to pay for this, and probably many others.


  • How about data access and security?


Hi @milzamsz

We are not collecting any data from the mobile app. So security is based on your ERPNext server setup. A mobile app communicates with ERPNext setup through APIs only.

ERPNext is very big system, We have integrated modules which we are using and can able to test. Your custom workspace and custom code we can implement in mobile app once you share further details.