Mobile App for Erpnext V13

Techseria has developed Swaat ERP, a mobile app compatible with ERPNext v13.
Anyone can try and provide your feedback, based on the feedback we will add more features to the app.


IOS: ‎Swaat App on the App Store



Hi there,

Will you be releasing source code for this? That’s a requirement of ERPNext’s GPL.


What is new in this app as compared to app provided by frappe, thx

We have done a couple of customization & bug fixing for our customers and that’s why we have released a new mobile app. But this app can be used by community with their own ERPNext V13 setup.

It is the user’s choice what they want to use

Thank you. Can the app print PDF of quotation, sales order, invoice etc. In V13 the print button goes missing in mobile phones. Even after setting browser as Desktop it doesn’t show. Works only on Desktop terminal.

We cannot print any reports in the app. Is that something you’re considering

We are working on Cancel, Delete, Edit and Print features. Those features are available in the next update.

@asoral, @Muzzy Can you please upgrade your app and check the print/pdf feature. Is it as expected or need to fine-tune it further?

in frappe mobile app where to acess doctype list and report list…cant find?

Dear All,

I am thrilled to share an updated version of our Swaat-ERP mobile application, fully compatible with ERPNext version 13. Our team has added many features to the mobile application in the last couple of months. If you face any issues, please raise your concern at

Apple: ‎Swaat App on the App Store


I have seen many people try to do a mobile app for ERPNext, yet to see a successful one.

I think the reason for this is that they are trying to do a mobile app for ERPNext.

They should not.

ERPNext is a full fledged ERP Solution with loads of modules and loads of features. I am yet to see a single mobile app that addresses the needs of a real ERP Solution.

What you guys should be doing is creating several apps for different Modules of ERPNext.

For example an app for the Buying Module, another one for the CRM, one for Selling Module etc.

This is the way to go. Apps by default are better at doing one thing or focusing on one area.

This is my opinion.


I kind of agree to you partially as in the mobile app should not be for complete ERP. But making it module wise is also not a good idea rather it should be industry specific. A single app should meet the use case scenarios of an industry which spans across modules.

Auto login is not working on your latest version.

That leads to the same challenge

Every industry will have at the barest minimum

Selling Module
Buying Module
Stock Module
HR Module
Accounting Module

Back to the same functional challenge.

Show me any popular/standard ERP with a single App that covers more than one Module at once, this does not exist


Seems you have forked Frappe Mobile and published in your name. Please share the source code as per GPL v3


Hi all,
Anyone willing to give me a clue of where to play with so i can get the fields (Qty, Item name, UOM) populated/filled based on the selected ITEM?

Any tip will be most welcome.

Great lock and feel.

We have updated the new build with bug fixing and adding more features. Please check and provide your feedback




i have a sugestion, in erpnext idealy include in field a select box say “include in mobile” because many field not need in mobile apps and if handle mobile app can define when use fields. Like “in mobile just show 2 fields”.

location features dont work that’s a prime requirement… without that its same as old frappe app…

can you pls add location feature,