Mobile App integrated with ERPNext

Dear All,

It’s my pleasure to invite you to try our mobile app LavaDo which is integrated with ERPNext 12, and we are updating to certify on ERPNext 13.

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I tried using it in my IOS, but after entering the mail id its not working.

You should contact us to create a demo account for you.
Very soon, we will finalize the personal features for B2C. doesn’t work

please, open

It’s on app store and play store; however, you should advise if you are interested to create your demo account.

So basically it’s a paid app?

Kindly post only open source related project links here. This is not an advertisement platform. Thank you. Best Wishes.

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It is a part of an integrated solution, which is paid basically; however, we offer a free standard package for the startups.

Thanks for your note. I didn’t mean to abuse the forum; I am just sharing the app asking your feedbacks. The solution is integrated with ERPNext along with our customization, and we don’t mind to publish the needed part of integration as open-source. In addition, part of our plans is standard plan for startups (up to 5 employees) for free.
Finally, if this post is against any rules here, I am ready to remove it.