Mobile app on Android doesn't print

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the mobile appe on android is closing the report page when chose print option from menu
also screen do not scroll in mobile appe



Mobile application is not optimized for now for printing. Please try this functionality from main application (on desktop/pc).

when it will be optimized for this function

also screen do not scroll in mobile appe

@ashraf_brzy1 if you take a look in to the roadmap you will see that mobile is one of the features that the team will prioritise soon!

@ashraf_brzy1 Do you need this feature right now?

I create an android webview client app with a printService until the official app fix this. It’s a temporary solution but for now it’s working. It’s not an amazing app just a basic webview app.

@geekroot geekroot witch is the name of the app it is on playstore?

@geekroot @ashraf_brzy1

This issue still exists even today for me. My intention for the Report is to click “Print” or save as “PDF” in order to view a print formatted view of the report. However, both these functions do not work and sometimes cause the mobile app to crash.

I’m looking for a simple solution.



I work around this creating my own wrapper of ERP next for Android with a webview. Then, create an Javascript interface to connect the web with the Android framework to perform the print action using a Bluetooth printer.

Using the current official app I think is not possible, yet.

Dear @geekroot
Could you share your app to get benefit for all of us :wink:

I will try to get the code and let you know as soon I get it

@geekroot any update? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Riyas, I managed to print on Bluetooth printers from the web …I bo

Hi @narcisonunez, please share your code. Thanks


How did you achieve this ??

I used the QUICK PRINTER app on Android to “link” to the printer and then integrated with the steps outlined here.




Thanks for sharing this info…I am trying to deploy this in my environment bit i am not able to send the receipts to the BT printer…Which of the erpnext files do i have to paste the scripts from the instructions

Will appreciate your guide on this

Please share a link to this

Same problem, menu click event not registering on menu on android. Seems to be related to javascript - onclick or inline script isn't working in extension - Stack Overflow