Mobile app to ERPNext or another API layer?

Hi all,

I know ERPNext has Rest api out of the box.

Would it be more sensible for my mobile app to talk directly to ERPNext Rest API? or should I build another layer of API via flask which will call ERPNext api instead? I’m thinking how to avoid my app to calls directly my ERP system. At least it could be more secure.

Any help? Thanks.

As long as your instance is secured by SSL you shouldn’t have an issue.

i see, so call directly is better?

Yes, because adding another layer is another technical overhead you need to maintain. Are you making your own app for ERPNext? Because we have our own app.

oh, is your app open source? just want to get some idea. anyway i am building a more special purpose app instead of a clone of erpnext on mobile.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t Open Source.