Mobile client for frappe


I noticed that the erpnext team open mobile client for frappe in github.

I would like to suggest for the team to consider.

Do you have any experience in this? If you are available, do you want to join?

We were thinking of using:

Once @anand is back from leave, we will start development. Maybe in December.

Hi. It seems a good framework too, less complicated and it seems more clean.

I have made some work with appcelerator (Titanium), but i am not an expert, and what you are going to do is different. I think what you are going to do is a web client that support mobiles.
Right now i am working, but as i am a teacher i have some time free. I have been working on one more module for frappe in my spare time, This module integrate jasperreports in erpnext as one more way to print reports, in this way we can use jasper studio (GUI) to make the reports and it also let us export to docx, xlsx, odt, ods and pdf. Next i would like to do one more module to bring reactivity to erpnext, integrating some client side meteor.js libraries. With this i want to make possible to have in real time stock and web pages too.

And i have to take a course in conflict management in my work at nights until february.

But i don’t mind to help, i am always ready to learn.If you have little things that you think i can do and you don’t have too much hurry to get it done, i will be happy to help.

But if you and the team think that it is a good idea to have reactivity in web pages and in some desk pages i have some ideas, and after complete jasperreports, that i hoje will be in two more weeks, i wil try my ideas and then i can share my experiente with you.

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Hi, again.

If you are going to use phonegap i have worked with that too and i can help with the integration with contacts, camera, notification, file transfer and other plugins. Sounds very exciting!!!
If you are not integrating with phonegap i will do it in my spare time after you finish the mobile client, if you don’t mind of course.

@luisfmfernandes Thanks for the feedback.

Yes we are are planning to do phonegap. Since we are already comfortable with HTML/CSS, phonegap makes sense.

Will be awesome to collaborate with you on this - will post you as soon as we start the project.

Hello, i would to know if this project is active in development. i want to make some apps using phonegap or another frameworks.