Mobile Device Repair Business

How do I implement ERPNext for a high-value item Repair business?

Dealing with stock and the flow of quote->stock entry->invoice->payment seems to be the most challenging. The biggest problem I have run into is dealing with how to build DocTypes and flows to correctly populate the stock ledger and then generate invoices.

Here is a common process:

  1. Customer books in their Device (DocType) on a new Repair (DocType).
  2. Technician diagnoses the problem (Workflow?)
  3. Technician requisitions stock from a stock room (ideal, but can get by without this)
  4. Stock requisition is fulfilled and released by a stock manager
  5. Technician inventorises used stock on the Repair (serialised stock), which should affect stock ledger (or it can happen in step 4).
  6. Device pass/fails quality control (QC)
  7. A Sales Invoice is issued by receptionist
  8. Customer receives an email to collect and pay
  9. The Repair is closed.
  10. Report on the exact cost of stock used to calculate profit/loss, preferably by using the exact purchase cost of the unit that was installed.
  11. Turns out the part is faulty and the Device is returned by the Customer.
  12. The faulty stock unit is identified and returned to manufacturer for credit note.
  13. This should increase loss in the books and we need to account for this.

Has anyone implemented ERPNext at any kind of repair business?

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