[mobile]file:///android_asset/www/undefined net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND


I am running latest mobile apk and connecting it to erpnext cloud. In chrome debug following is a frequent error while navigating the erpnext
GET file:///android_asset/www/undefined net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
And while Open POS–>Pay–>Submit–>Print. It crashes with below screenshot

and on console the error is
GET file:///android_asset/www/undefined net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

Things i did without success
I did try to remove and install all the 3 plugins but that didn’t help
added in config.xml :
added in manifest :

Any help is welcome @netchampfaris thanks

I’m not sure what the problem is but this has been reporting before in the forums, I have seen it too.

A fix is to reinstall the app and redo the config and it will work again.


Thanks Julian I did try reinstall but it doesn’t solve it. :cry:

I don’t think the mobile app supports printing

Thanks @netchampfaris, POS is to be used on android tab and my understanding is that standard use case for POS is touch based android tabs so I expected mobile app to work
Can you please guide or give some pointers regarding the crash so that I can fix it. Many thanks

Also, i think it is a bug since pint preview should work …if not printing…but it crashes…if you can guide, i am willing to solve it…thanks

me.print_document_app(html) passes the page content in agrument but inside the function print_document it window is not able to find passed string i.e. html
Hence the app is giving error.
Any clue to solve this?

Maybe we’ll have to something like this GitHub - katzer/cordova-plugin-printer: Print HTML documents