[mobile] Git repo of ERPNext mobile app on playstore

Hi, I am new here and wanted to know where is the link of git repo source code for ERPNext mobile app


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Thanks @hereabdulla. Do we have any documentation regarding (a) how to develop frappe app OR (b) How to setup the dev environment. I am stuck at Frappe env setup issue

r u asking for mobile app??

Hi @hereabdulla I am looking for some sort of doc or data regarding the framework of mobile app for ERPNext. (1)What is it based on like http://goratchet.com/ (2)When i develop a custom app on bench how to have it on app [is webview enough] (3)If i want to access camera etc of app what is the way to do it in frappe mobile framework

Refer https://cordova.apache.org

I had integrated AccountAuthenticator in it on my fork GitHub - revant/mobile: Mobile App Container (Cordova) for Frappé/ERPNext

Readme has basic info to get started

thanks @revant_one it helped