Mobile Offline First POS - Point of Sale for ERPNext


We have made a Mobile Offline First POS that is connected (Sync) to ERPNext and its FREE! hope you can give us feedback how we can improve it or If you have any question we are happy to answer it! Thanks!

You can download the app in Google Play Store

iOS is coming soon!

The pos is made using react native. We made open source react native package for frappe client

also the source code of the erpnext app

Using Front Camera for Barcode Reading

Using Bluetooth Barcode Reader

Using Icon for Selecting Item

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Can we use it in india with inr currency and gst?

@Savad_Ibrahim yes its possible :slight_smile:

This is some of the feature of the pos


o Two Way Sync to ERPNext
Two way syncing to an ERPNext instance for a full suite of back-office functionalities.

o Offline-first Approach
Continue to make sales and keep running the business even no internet or unstable.

o Mobile POS
Uses the tablet for a lightweight setup. Built-in rear camera of the tablet can be used as a barcode scanner. Any bluetooth barcode scanner is compatible with TailPOS app as well.

o Print receipts
Print sales receipts for customers using any ESC/P receipt printer.

o Multiple payment modes
Can process credit card,mobile payments and cash.

o Discounts Program
Can apply discount to an invoice or on specific items.

o Inventory Management
Keep track of stock levels easily. Easy-to-use menu for item maintenance such as creating and updating item information.

o Sales Reports
Can generate X and Z readings and attendant shift sales totals.


You have just all but plugged in the biggest pain point of ERPNext retail setup. Thank you for the effort and keeping ot as open source.


How can we change the currency.

And my feedback is that I cannot access company and Sync connection in the app on my mobile phone. I will try on a tablet later.

Any guide/document on this?

Hello @fkardame

So far, the POS is mainly developed for Tablet. We haven’t made a layout for the mobile phone yet. So as to changing the currency, the team is currently working on changing it using the settings.


Thanks for the Reply.
I will wait for the setting changes.
Is the POS App Open source?

Hello @fkardame As of now, it is free but not open source. Only the package for frappe client and erpnext app are open source. About the currency in settings, we will have an update tomorrow for this :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Quick reply.

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Here is the POS User Manual.

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App crashes when I try to sync

Hello @olamide_shodunke, Thank you for reporting. We’re currently fixing it :slight_smile:

Hello @olamide_shodunke

Have you installed the TailPOS Sync in your ERPNext?
Let us know what you have done so far with your installation.


Awesome. This will be very useful for a lot of people using ERPNext.


Hello @olamide_shodunke, We already fixed the syncing problem. You can update the POS application from playstore and try syncing it again. Please refer here: in syncing.

Thanks and have a nice day ahead :smiley:

Good day! @fkardame, You can now set the currency in settings in component tab. Thanks! :smiley:

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Great! ERPNext always needed this feature. I’ll try it out soon. Will the App ever be open source so the community can also contribute to it? Also, can we connect a weight scale?


Ill y
Try it out now.


Hello @saifi0102

For now, the team has no plan about going open source for the mobile app. With regards to connecting the app to the weight scale, the team will take that into account.


Hello @iRaySpace

It would be nice to know what your medium to long-term plan as far as open source/commercialization is concerned. Am sure people would not want to rely on this for business purpose only for your team to change its model and introduce pricing at a point.

Simply put do you plan to commercialize this ? Nothing wrong with it if that’s your plan, it will however be nice for adopters to know.