Mobile View Issue

Hi Team,

Trust everyone’s doing great. I observed an issue when viewing ERPNext V7 from a mobile device. The drawer on the left side remains open permanently thereby obscuring the view of the main screen. Please check

Thanks plenty


Can you please check the issue with mobile UI for ERPNext version 7.

Can you provide a screenshot?

Sure! Please find below an attempt to view the item list on a mobile browser


I can’t replicate the issue. Working fine for me. Try viewing it on another browser.

I’ve tried it on two mobile browsers now… Android 4.4.4 (KitKat) and BB 10.3.2

Same issue on both!


try on and check if problem is the same

Same issue. You can see from the screen shot below that even clicking on notifications icon doesn’t close the drawer

Also, here’s a screen shot of a V6 account from the same browser (just to show its an issue peculiar to V7)

@wale can’t replicate the issue …i’m checking on Samsung with Android 5.1 using default browser and google chrome.

@wale can you please try replicating this issue on Android 5.1? In your device, I believe Android upgrade should resolve this issue.

Hi @umair

Nice to hear from you! Its been quite a while :slight_smile:

The issue doesn’t affect Android 5.1 but the largest number of Android users by far are on KitKat (32.5% of all Android users!). The next most popular Android version (5.1) is way behind at 19.4%

That’s why I like to always check compatibility with KitKat (4.4). Please try resolving this issue if at all possible

Thanks a lot

Have you tried on chrome browser on Android 4.4 ?

Yes, it works on Chrome browser. The issue is with the default browser on Android 4.4 and also on BB 10.3.2

As I mentioned in my last post, these are very popular platforms (especially Android 4.4) and should be looked into if at all possible. If it is totally impossible to do anything about it… well, that’s it :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your kind assistance

This issue has been fixed. [fix] mobile sidebar close button by netchampfaris · Pull Request #2462 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Hi @netchampfaris

That’s great news! Has this been merged into the beta release yet? I tested it on but it seems to still be there


Yes. It has been merged into 7.2.0-beta

You can see the close button at the bottom of the sidebar.

Hi @netchampfaris

Yes, it’s there but it doesn’t work

Close button is not working

Close not working. Tested on 5 different manufacturers (Samsung, lg, moto, Sony &I one I don’t know the name). All were android 4.x.
Erpnext 7.2

Chrome working.