Modal dialog behavior on windows

I am having some interesting behavior of the dialog boxes that pop up in the platform. I am running Windows 10 x86 and use both Chrome 55.0.2883.87 and Internet Explorer 11.576.14393.0 (both latest and greatest). This behavior has been going on for some time and I am just now getting to posting on it to see what the community thinks.

So what is happening is the dialog will often come up at bottom of the screen or just below the row in a table I am trying to edit.

In IE, I have to scroll down and then edit the fields. I can then click on the title bar or the little up arrow in the right corner and the dialog will close. (and while not really tied to this post it should be noted that in IE the Ctrl-Up, Ctrl-Down and Esc keys don’t do anything)

In Chrome, the same thing happens, but when I click somewhere on the dialog box the whole page dialog and all will scroll to the top of the screen. This produces some really strange look and feel like the screen shot below. I clicked on the field type drop down box and then the whole thing scrolls to the top of the screen. If I click on the drop down box a second time after the scroll up thing, then it works fine. (and for the record the Ctrl-Up, Ctrl-Down and Esc keys work fine on dialogs in Chrome)

What is interesting is if I test using Chromium browser on my Debian Linux Server in Gnome desktop, the auto scrolling behavior does not happen. The dialog will still open near bottom of page and I have to manually scroll down to edit. Kind of like the IE behavior on Windows.

I have not tested other browsers like MS Edge, FireFox or Safari. However all three of those browsers use the same webkit backend like Chrome does.

Any thoughts would be welcome. I can’t tell if this is a bug or something else.

What version are you on? I tested on Chrome, so whenever I click on something which is at the bottom of the screen it pops up, I don’t have to scroll down. And the second issue is also not happening.
I am on:

ERPNext: v7.1.27
Frappe Framework: v7.1.27

@KanchanChauhan I am on 7.1.26, I can update to the .27 tag to test, but this issue has been going on since I started using the platform in 7.0.x days earlier this year in September.

When you say “I click on something which is at bottom of the screen it pops up”, what does that mean exactly? Does the dialog box appear at the top of the screen window automatically? Let me also see about installing fiddler to see if a trace can help.

@KanchanChauhan I have upgraded to latest on both frappe and erpnext and still experiencing this strange behavior. What is interesting is I cannot recreate behavior on a Windows 7 computer.

So… I reset my Chrome settings to defaults, cleared cache and restarted my computer. Now the weird slide up behavior is not happening, but I do still have to scroll down to see a dialog that i opened on a table row near the bottom of the screen/window. This behavior happens on any computer I use, no matter the browser. Is that the expected behavior? I would think that the dialog will come to the top of the window and center itself and not be “coupled” or “connected” to the document behind. E.g. when I scroll down in the dialog (for especially long ones) the document behind also scrolls down.

Howdy all. I want to bring this back up in conversation. I have reset my Chrome settings to default and cleared cache a few times. The issue goes away for a day or two and then comes back. This behavior only happens in erpnext and not other websites I use, so I am really thinking it is something in the code base causing the issue.

@KanchanChauhan, is there anything I can do to help you understand what I am experiencing? I could potentially setup a fiddler session and send results. Might find something useful in there.

Thoughts anyone? Is anyone else having this behavior? It can’t just be me on Windows 10 and Chrome. Like I mentioned before, its just a chrome thing. FF and IE don’t do it.

Now that we are firmly in the v8 version, I would like to bring this subject up again. The behavior persists in Chrome (now v58.0.3029.110).

This behavior does not occur with Edge or FF browsers.

@James_Robertson can you post this on GitHub (frappe/erpnext) issues