Mode of Payment - Deafault Account- Usability fix

Hi All,

Please find below the step to replicate this scenario

step 1 : create two cash accounts under Current Assets. Lets say Cash1 and cash2

step 2 : set Cash1 account as default account for cash mode of payment.

step3 : create a user lets say user1 and through “user permission manager” restrict his access only to cash2 account.

step4 :login as user1 and goto payment tool and select any customer and outstanding invoices and in ‘Payment Mode’ choose cash.

System fetches cash1 in “Payment Account” even though user1 doesnt have access to cash1 ( and then throws error when u try to save)

Instead “Payment Account” field should be left blank if user doesn’t have access to the account which is set as default, so that user can choose from any of the accounts he has access to.

workaround : do not set any account as default for mode of payment - but then I keep getting the message “lease set default Cash or Bank account in Mode of Payment” every time I choose a mode of payment.

@umair any comments?

Please check if you Apply User Permission in these doctypes : Accounts, Mode Of Payment, Payment Tool

Hello Basawaraj,

Thanks for elaborating this query. Please post this issue on Github. Meanwhile, adapt workaround as suggested in your message, and ask user to ignore notification related to default bank account.