Mode of payment on credit basis

i want to create mode of payment on credit basis, such as for 7 / 15 / 30 days in POS. and account to align is recievables for tracking. is it possible?

That is called payment terms, it is not currently available but I believe @tundebabzy is working on it.


@olamide_shodunke thank you :slight_smile: / @tundebabzy hope will have this soon, please update.

Yeah. it’s been gathering dust for some time now. I’m going to push for it to be merged again

@umair sir, do you have any inout to give?

Simpler approach could be create a credit Sales Invoice from the invoice view itself. Update Credit Days in the Customer master, or set Due Date manually in the Sales invoice. Based on the Due Date and Outstanding Amount of the Sales Invoice, you will get Account REceivable report.

On receipt of payment from the Customer, create Payment Entry against Sales Invoice.

Thank you Sir @umair, doing it from POS might save our time when we actualy wholesale a product, any chance that could be possible doing it from POS and not from journal entry?