Modification of Tax Fields for Pakistan

In Pakistan, we have unique set fo tax fields which we call them as NTN # and STRN #.

I have custom script in regional module which will update the fields when someonce select Pakistan as region.

These fields will be added to all docTypes which contains tax feilds such as supplier & customer.

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What’s next?

Check how custom fields are added automatically when a country is selected

Regional module: erpnext/erpnext/regional at develop · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Setup code:

@rmehta I have already prepared regional module and is working at my end. Now I would like to push it to main branch so every one in this region get’s benefited.


Can anyone guide, whats the procedure to submit new code to ERPNext.

This is probably what you seek Contribution Guidelines · frappe/erpnext Wiki · GitHub

That link is referenced here [Oct 2018] Module Maintainers

@avaiskhatri did you submit this Pakistan taxation module yet? Is there a public GitHub repository for it?

How can we get this script @avaiskhatri? Does it also cater for the new GST regime in the retail sector, where the manufacturer charges GST on the consumer price. Plz see example below:

Consumer Price PKR 100.00
GST 17% PKR 17.00
Consumer Pays PKR 117.00
Discount on CP PKR 20.00
Payment to Sup PKR 97.00