Modifications on the database schemes do not update when deploying on prod server


I have an ERPNext on prod server and to make the modifications I make them in a ERPNext locally then push them into a git which deploys it on this server.

The issues comes when uploading my changes, bench --site migrate
the command is carried out correctly, no errors to report.

However, the modifications on the database schemes do not update.
So I don’t have the modifications I made previously in my local version.

Can anyone tell me if anyone has already managed to set up a similar system and how did you make sure that the changes were taken into account ?

ERPNext: v14.0.0-dev
Frappe Framework: v14.x.x-develop
Bench: v5.8.1


Can you share one example diff that you push and run migrate on and output of migrate? whatever changes you made must become part of code ({doctype}.JSON schemas)

also the command is bench --site sitename migrate