Modifications to Web Form

Hi All,

I was recently working on a web form in V12 after a long time, my previous use was in version 10. I felt somethings things could be improved and there are few bugs.

Bugs ( as of v13 beta 4 it is still present) - I can help with this, just not sure where to start

  • Mandatory Fields do not highlight in Red

  • Field Max Length does not do anything

  • If a Check fieldtype is mandatory and in the form if the end user does not mark the check it will not throw an missing values error or prevent submission of the form

Features Requests - I would like to know what everyone thought on the following points

  • In web form fields child table a Custom Class Field - I have seen this in many wordpress page builders, with the addition of custom css in v13 would give more control to the user to add styling elements

  • Pagination - this used to be there before v11, I understand it had problem that is why it was removed. It would be nice if we could bring pagination back into the frappe framework as it will enhance the UI experience for web forms, and I feel the Learning Management System could also benefit with some form of pagination as it would give a question its own page

  • Button fieldtype - This can be handy for custom client script