Modified Variants Selection

How would I go about customizing ERPNext website product page such that the following variants selection:


get displayed directly on the product page without the need for a button:

Also, how would I get the image, price and stock displayed on the page automatically change to match the selected variant. It is fine for the initial content is for the template, and price and stock can be hidden, but once a variant is selected, the image should change to reflect whats added to the variant along with price and stock quantity.

Would be even cooler if there was a way to do this modification through custom JavaScript added to the website theme as well as if the dropdown could be replaced with buttons.

Hey ,currently this is a standard template in erpnext for the shopping portal. We are working on revamping the same. For now if you want to do any customizations (assuming you are self hosted) you will have to make heavy changes in item_configure.js, item_configure.html and interdependent files for yourself only.

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Hey @marination

Thank you so much for your response, glad to know you will be revamping it. Any rough ETA? Or do you know if it will be implemented into v13? And yes, I am self hosted so will have to look into modifying the code. Cheers again!

Yes, v13. Unsure about ETA (vaguely maybe 2 months ?) as we are still in the design phase, you can go ahead and make the changes you want for yourself, we will announce revamps once complete. You can then decide if you like ours better :wink: