Modify accounting transactions to be through journal entry instead of direct Ledger

we are trying to apply the following accounting controlling logic on ERPNEXT, since we need to modify the process of accounting modules’ transactions to be through a journal entry or direct on the General ledger according to business needs.

our goal from this modification makes modules’ transactions such as Loan (repayment, Disbursement …) - Sales - Purchasing create journal entry instead of direct General Ledger movements and that aim for:

  • make central accounting module (journal entry) that affects Gl.
  • Reversal capability of a journal entry.
    In order to achieve that we made the below modification:

**1- Configuration of transaction accounting **
create customization doctype that includes configurations such as:
1- transaction type (loan repayment …)
2- if through journal entry you need to (check box) or it will Direct GL
3- we still working on cancellation options

**2- Modify the make_gl_entries **
we modify the make_gl_entries in global file to create journal entry instead of direct Gl when transaction is marked as through journal entry in Configuration.
according to that:
1- journal entry will be created with two customized files to link transactions with
journal entry (Source Type, Source Type Name)

2- we pass the same (against_voucher, against_voucher_type, party, reference_type, reference_name … ) in other words (GL_map) from transaction to journal entry and then to General ledger

we need kindly help with below:
1- in our modification, the voucher number in GL is journal entry name as standard in erpnext.
our concern is there any reports - module - event … in erpnext that build on this link between voucher number in GL and transaction and will be affected by our modification ???
2- is their other approaches will be more effective to achieve our goals.

Thanks and Best Regards,