Modify amount calculation in Purchase Order

In Purchase Order, amount calculated in the items child table like this,
Qty * Rate = Amount.

I want to modify this calculation on basis of my clients requirement. I want to change the calculation like this, (Qty * Rate) + Utility = Amount.

I tried, but after save, not showing this calculated amount and not reflected in Grand Total Field.

How can I modify this change?

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I am searching for this answer too! anyone!!!

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Add a custom field for Utility. Add Utility as a Charge in Taxes & Charges template. Type is Actual. Write custom script to calculate the sum total of Utility from all line items and insert that into the Charge in the Taxes and Charges template.

Create a HTML/CSS print format to show (Qty * Rate) + Utility as the Amount for each line. Print format ignores Utility in the Taxes & Charges template.

Seems like a lot of hacking and seems inelegant but usually it’s not a good idea to mess around with the standard functions and formula and features of ERPNext!

This solution can work, but the scripting gets a lot more complicated if you have different tax rates at the item level.

Hope this helps.