Modify Default Columns of Report View

Anybody know where to customize default columns in report view? Tks

If you have to change/add columns of report view of doctype then go to report view and click on ‘Menu’ button at top-right side. There is one option ‘Pick Columns’, by using this you can modify columns of report.

Yes I know this…I mean I want to change the column layout by default, so each user doesn’t need to personalize it one by one…

@jof2jc you can find save option under menu

@kolate_sambhaji I don’t want to create new report… Do you know where to modify the code? Tks

@jof2jc which report you want to modify?
if you want to create/modify report then see this image,
you can change layout like column size and then save report

If you want to create more complex report, then see query report
more reference to modify code:

@kolate_sambhaji I do know each user can personalize columns etc and save it as new report…

I mean I want to change the default columns layout for all users by default following their requirements so they don’t need to personalize it one by one. Hope you get what I mean…



Hi @jof2jc how did you resolve this issue?

Seems the options on top are not available in version 8 onwards

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