Modify Form - Customize Form vs Doctype changes


I am new to ERPNext & trying to implement the same in my company. I needed few customized fields in Customer & Supplier forms like PAN No, VAT TIN No. etc. I found that there are two ways to accomplish this task. One was to modify the respective DOCTYPE & other was to use Customize Form. When I used DOCTYPE to add fields, the changes were also visible in Customize Form. But when I made changes in Customize Form, the changes were not visible in DOCTYPE. In both the case the changes were reflected in data entry forms. What is correct & proper way to modify forms ( add / delete / modify fields ) in forms.

Ravi Modi.

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Hi @Ravi_Modi,

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Always use the Customize Form to modify the Form or to add custom fields. If you make changes in DocType you may face the issues while getting the updates.

Thanks, Makarand

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ok. Got it. Thanks.