Modify Header Layout


I just created an erpnext site with --setup production. And I want to try some tests to modify top header layout/html, not python scripts. How to do this?
Do I need to enter developer mode to do this?

Anybody can help to give clear steps as I’m not familiar with Linux and still a newbie with frappe. I want to look inside the development environment of erpnext.

Thanks guys

Anybody can share how to play with UI / html customization inside erpnext? i.e. if I just want to test to add some text to header/top navigation bar…

You can start with the frappe/public folder for js

If you are editing js files. Set bench watch so that it will rebuild when you change the js files.

@rmehta, cannot find frappe/public…do you mean ~/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/public/js ??
There are many js files, which js file to modify top header?

Using v5, I want to change ‘ERPNext’ text as ‘HOME’ and disable links on top right to show only logout linkbutton for end-user?

How to achieve this? Any help please?


I modified ~sites/assets/js/desk.min.js but back to original again after restarted server. Is it becaused bench watch? How to maintain the changes?


Navigate to


Find conf.js and change this line


use bench watch to rebuild your assets.


Thx @dxenaretionx

Before I also modified directly ~sites/assets/js/desk.min.js to remove some links on top-right-bar. But it’s rebuilt back to original after run bench watch.

Do you know where to edit this? i.e. I want to remove ‘View Website’ on top-right-menu under user-name…

Thanks again

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@rmehta, I want to remove ‘View Website’ menu under user-name on top-right cause we don’t use website…


We are trying to achieve something similar but not removing ERPNext.
We are trying to add ‘Report to IT Helpdesk’ so our clients can report “issues” to us before we seek ERPNext’s help if it is indeed really an issue.

If I were to edit the conf.js at /home/frappe/frappe-bench/apps/erpnext/erpnext/public/js, it will have implications at next update. How could I perform this customization?


Any advice on the above matter?
Thank you.