Modify Journal Entry without having to cancel and amend thereby forming two transaction document

Is there a feature where we can modify journal entry without cancelling and amending? If we have to cancel and amend it creates two transaction entries which is unnecessary in a non controlled environment. Plain journal entries not linked with any other documents should be able to be edited for ease of use. Reactivating journal entries is a feature in other ERPs. Or is there any reason not to do so. If so, please advise.

Hello @Next_ERP

To answer your question ERPNext doesn’t allow you to modify fields on submitted journal entries.

However, there is a PR in the works that will allow this on select fields using Sales Invoice. Details are here: feat: Editable Sales Invoice by deepeshgarg007 · Pull Request #32625 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

If you want to implement same thing on journal entry, take a look at this PR how the frappe team is doing it.

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Thank you so much. I will be looking into it. It seems that journal entries in ERPNext are linked with other doctypes and tables. Which is why the system doesn’t allow to simply edit the document.