Modifying Document after "Submitted"?

I am building an app that will send signature requests to a third-party API.

I’d like for the DocType (Signature Request) to submittable. When the user submits the Signature Request, I need to send an API call to the API, which will return a unique ID. I’d like to add that ID to the DocType.

From what I can tell, Frappe won’t let me modify the Document using the on_submit event, because it fires AFTER the document has been submitted.

Is there a way I can modify a Document after it’s been submitted?

Click on Menu / Customize, this will take you to doctype or custom forms depending on if your page is a standard document or not. Locate the field you want to allow changes after submit and click on the “Allow on Submit”


You will have to do this for each field you want access to after submitting.

Once this is done, you should be able to update this via API.

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Use allow_on_submit option for the respective field. It will allows you to edit the particular field after submitting the document.