Modifying table columns in Rich Text Editor doesn't work as expected

ERPNext: v15.28.2
Frappe Framework: v15.32.0

In the text editor, create a table with two Columns, Column 1 & Column 2. Attempt to delete Column 2 by placing the the cursor in one of the Column 2 boxes and select Table → Delete Column. It always deletes the left column (Column 1). There doesn’t appear to be a way to delete any column other than the leftmost one.

The same effect is true when creating a new column in a table. You can only place a column relative to the leftmost one. You can’t, for instance, append a new column to the right side of the table.

The more I play with it, the more bizarre things get. Is the text editor table functionality just broken? If so, is this a v15 bleeding-edge thing or has it always been this way?

I’ve found this github issue which is marginally related but it seems to indicate that there are lingering issues.