Modifying V12 install procedure for V13


For my V12 server I used a manual install procedure…

So my current system …
ERPNext: v12.24.0 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.21.0 (version-12)
and it is running on Ubuntu v18

Instead of upgrading my V12 server I would like to follow the same procedure to install V13.

I have been searching for the prerequisites for V13 but somehow seem to be missing it.
The procedure is based on Mariadb 10.4. The latest version for Mariadb is 10.6 with 10.7
being developed. Which one do I use for V13?

I assume python version3 ?

I have also searched for Ubuntu V18 vs V20. Seems that many changes is on the GUI side.
Will I benefit to switch to Ubuntu V20 ?

Some assistance would be appreciated.


Be carefully with Mariadb 10.6 or 10.7

may be it is solved with new install but a restore seem a challenge.

feat: Support for MariaDB 10.6 by gavindsouza · Pull Request #13954 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Thank you @krnkris, I will look out for that one !

Yes, my V12 runs on Mariadb 10.4 , so I shall ensure that I stick to 10.4 on my V13 install as well.

Appreciate your time.

Hi John,

There is no official documentation listing the pre-requisites for v13.
That exercise has been left up to the user.

(The maintainers appear to be encouraging everyone to install via Docker, versus other methods.)

Unofficially, I can say with confidence:

  • You will want Python 3.7+
  • Node.js v14 only (Frappe Framework v13 requires this specific version)
  • MariaDB 10.4 or 10.5 should be fine. If you go higher, you’ll need to make some additional configuration changes, as @krnkris noted above.

Any version of Ubuntu or Debian is fine. I’ve successfully installed from Ubuntu v14 through 20. It’s extremely rare that the OS itself makes any impact whatsoever for me.

Hi @brian_pond

Really appreciate your response and time taken to help me.

I have started last night and taken the plunge and used the previous install doc and just
modified it here in there ( in terms of versions as you and @krnkris has mentioned)
And of course where frappe-12 was previously used, use 13 etc …

There was a problem with “pip” install but fixed that.

Had a glitch when I started bench about a dependancy but managed to clear that.
So, I now have a V13 Erpnext running right next to my V12 server !!

Looks completely different !!! Amazing how you get used to a UI "feel !!!

Well, now just the setting up inside ERPNext and then I shall start testing and comparing.

Oh, and I stuck to Ubuntu 18.04
Before I used the procedure I have always used, I tried another which was based on Ubuntu 20. But I bumped my head against the putty version I was using and trying to access the CLI
with SSH-keys. My putty was to old. I didn’t spend any time investigating it, but it seems that
18.04 was happy with my older putty, but not 20.4. Anyway, a newer version solved that.

So I am running—
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
ERPNext: v13.11.1 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.11.0 (version-13)

Now just to secure the server a little bit… and then testing !!!

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@brian_pond and @krnkris, appreciate your help !!!