Module access and User upload in one customize role

Dear communities:

I have created a new user and gave it a customize role “Admin_test”
its role setting is the same as system manager like the pic below

but when I do user upload through csv file , there are some error about permission
there’s a thing confused me a lot , the first row is valid , why did that happened ?
I have a similar problem before , my permission is fine then , first row is valid but the other row’s error log are blank
this situation is very confused to me

The other problem is no matter I choose what kind of module access in system manager
In other user they won’t appear and I can’t find “module access” this section in my setting
I guess is relate to the doctype " has role " , but this doctype is Child Table so I can’t set permission

hope someone could help about these two confused problems.


Can you check error message in the browser’s console?