Module and Reference DocType in Custom Reports

Hi Everyone,

I created a query report and selected the DocType “Purchase Order” and found that report was shown under Custom Reports of Buying Module, that is all fine.

Then, I again created few more reports with DocType “Material Request” and found that report was shown under Customer Reports of Stock Module, which is also fine.

Then, I opened the last created reports and change their Reference Doctype from “Material Request” to “Purchase Order” by expecting that this will re-allocate the reports from “Stock Module” to “Buying Module”, but it was not done. I also did a reload to let them refresh but it was not done.

Can anybody tell me, is there any workaround for the same?

You need to change “Module” as well.


Sorry forgot to change the module as well.
It’s done, thanks a lot.

Ruchin Sharma