Module Based Deployment

I don’t know whether it is a stupid question or not. I am a beginner in erp system. My client need erp system but currently he is unable to pay at a time. Now the solution he proposed us is to deploy erp module wise. Like currently he needs to setup CRM only.
Now I want to know can I only give him CRM using erp?
And how all will be done?

@SFQaiser, Hello! Welcome to the community.

Yes, you could give only CRM. Which means to give access rights to the user for CRM modules only. But there is no separation of modules when you install ERPNext instance. It is a single app with everything monolith into it. You may choose not to use some parts of it.


How do I find the modules?
On my desk, I only see: Tools, Email Box, Settings, Social and Explore.
Am I missing anything?
Logged in as Admin

It sounds like you’ve only installed Frappe - do you remember entering company information in the setup wizard?

Thank you for your response. I actually hired a freelancer to install ERPNext for me. Not sure how he did it. Do you think he missed out on something I can alert him to?

Click on “Help” in the upper right and then “About” this will give you the versions of the installed apps.
Second most likely thing is that you don’t have enough permissions - did he provide a password for “Administrator”? How are you logging in now?

I am logged in as Administrator. Yes, he gave me the password.
From Help>About:
Installed Apps
Frappe Framework: v12.x.x-develop () (develop)
So where can I find the rest of the desperately required Apps? Accounting, HR, Sales, CRM . . . etc.

ERPNext is not installed on your system. Your guy has some warranty work to do. The branch you’re on is really optimal for understanding the feature set because it will change more rapidly than the previous major version release. At this moment V11 is about to be released into a stable version and version 10 is the previous major version. The risk of installing V11 at this point is pretty low, according to me.

Ask your freelancer to install v11, ERPNext. Once done it will show both frappe and ERPNext with version numbers. And you will be able to access them while logging via administrator