Module Def List - Select "App name"

Hi everyone!

Just a post to talk about some bug that annoy me for quite a long time… On the Module Def - List view, the “App name” select input is always empty and so we cannot quickly filter by “App name”.

Here is a “Client Script” to add, but could it be merge/add as the module_def_list.js file isn’t it ??
module_def.js is already kind of doing the same thing to populate the select input.

frappe.listview_settings["Module Def"] = {
	onload: function (list_view) {
		// console.log("on_load");{
			method: "frappe.core.doctype.module_def.module_def.get_installed_apps",
			callback: (r) => {
				// on success
				let select =
				let options = JSON.parse(r.message);
                for (const option of options) {
                    $(select).append($('<option>', {
                        value: option,
                        text: option
			error: (r) => {
				// on error


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Good @La_Fabrique_Info,

You can make a new file called module_def_list.js and include it here. Then, submit a Pull Request on frappe for it.

Thank You!