Module Development - Any guidance available

I’m trying to implement a front-end to manage groups, roles, and permissions for a series of applications i will be developing. The last version of this was a custom SSO solution with a dedicated management portal which I custom developed for the management.

I’d like to, for this revision, integrate it into ERPNext.

What I can see so far is that I need to create a set of custom document types (done already) then to use hooks for the customer and subscription documents (application subscriptions are per-month). Is there any guidance on how best to work with the database, etc. to implement something like this? I’m a bit new to python, so it’s a learning curve of both ERPNext/Frappe and Python.

HTH, and thanks in advance.

Hello! Welcome to the frappe framework. I myself started developing my first frappe app 1 month ago. I recommend.

  1. Frappe Framework Documentation
  2. Cheat sheets 1 2.
  3. ERPNext source code for reference to implement and work with the framework.
  4. Frappe source code on how things are implemented.
  5. This forum has tons of answers to questions.
  6. wiki
  7. Customize ERPNext.
  8. Frappe developer videos
  9. ERPNext Help Public Telegram Group
  10. ERPNext Discord not very active but hopping it picks up.

Hey, so I did a little development a few months ago… I was testing out ways to bypass the modules with custom ones … I can share my notes with you if you’d like … I actually am about to start working on it again …

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I’d be interested in that! Would be nice to read!

Sorry, read into this, got side-tracked, and am back at it. did the tutorial or similar get into play? I started developing a dotnet application to do this, using SSO from ERPNext to allow a seemless access, but if something is available, or if I can contribute something (I’m not fluent in python), I’d be interested.