Module Dont Show On My Dekstop

I created a Module … But This Module Dont Show my desktop and Show Desktop Icons …

hi rahib, check if the current user have access to that module from, my seetings > MODULE ACCESS also go to setup > Show /Hide Modules and check if its enabled.

Module Access Is Checked . But don’t Show the module Set Dekstop Icon (Show /Hide Modules).


Try to create a new DocType for your new Module, Then it will be shown in Desktop.


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If it still doesn’t show up, try restarting your bench, reloading the site, clearing your browser data, and/or restarting your computer. I had the same problem recently and after adding a doctype, it still didn’t show.

However, after I rebooted my computer the next day, miraculously the app became visible on my dashboard and has no errors. :laughing: So yeah, if all else fails, try to clear your browser cache or restarting your pc/vm. :slight_smile: hope it helps.

I Have tried all above suggestion but still same problem … :disappointed:

Does your module have any doctype in it? If yes then try bench migrate.

Thanks For All … I Solved It.

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