Module Folders - Doctypes Not being created

Hi, I have an instance of erpnext and frappe installed on my digitalocean server. I have created some modules and their doctypes. The modules are not checked as custom, nor are the doctypes checked as custom but when i access my frappe-bench/apps/erpnext folder, I do not see the folders for the modules, nor do i see the doctypes I have created. The modules are installed to the app erpnext and I repeat the doctypes and modules are not checked as custom. I have frappe v13.0.0-beta.9 (version-13-beta) installed.

EDIT: Developer mode is set to 1 in site_config.json

I set bench to develop, now folders of Modules are being created but not the doctype folders. I even ran bench migrate.

EDIT: Custom is checked for the doctypes. Wont Unceck.

You need to be logged in as Administrator to create non-Custom doctypes

I am. Thats the issue, I am logging in as administrator and still its not allowing me.

Hmm…Have you checked the logs?

Figured it out, it was an error while updating bench - apparently frappe was not fully imported. Ran frappe bench again and it fixed the problem.