Module link menu shown on left bar, even if not enabled

Hi there,

i’m facing a problem on module not enabled but showed. I’ve created a new role with permission:

User is limited to have access with Role:

And for modules:

where iStorecast is a custom module which contains Cash Ward Refuse Doctype.

Now, if we click on iStorecast breadcumb:

it will show a lot of modules not wanted, like Todo, Schools, Stock, Human Resources, Learn:

How is possible? and how to hide?

Thx in advance

Can you please check Role Permissions for Tools and other modules, if they have “All” Role defined.

@KanchanChauhan thx for the answer, where to check if “All” role is enabled for the user? Thx

Edit: oh you mean for the module not for the user, right?

Got it, thx …need to be removed, right?

Or may be just check “If owner”, so only owner will have access.

if owner will not remove the module menù …i deleted ALL rule.

It seems that Student Applicant haven’t ALL rule:

Should Guest be removed as well? Edit : Yes

@KanchanChauhan Ok, all done except for Learn Menu, how to remove?