Module List Not Showing

After upgrading from version 13 to version 15, all the functionalities work properly except for the left module list, which does not function as expected.

Hmm :thinking:

Iā€™m not sure if your issue is fixed, but you can try these commands:

bench setup requirements
bench build --force

Also, open the console (f12) and check the error.

Thank You!

@maruf_rahman , Issue is Workspace Doctype.

  1. Have you updated V13 before migrate?
  2. Have you migrated from V13 > V14 > V15 ?

in V13 it was Desk Page and now it is Workspace.
Please try

bench --site your_site console
frappe.reload_doc('desk, 'doctype', 'workspace')


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Migrate V13 to V15. Only Issue with Administrator, others user works fine.

Go to User List >> Select Administrator >> Roles

check uncheck workspace manager then save and reload.


Same issue, not fixed after uncheck workspace manager.